This morning I got an email from the Beverly Foundation about a new interactive map that aims to help adult children and seniors locate the elder transportation options in their area. The Beverly Foundation is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to spur new ideas about improving and expanding senior transportation, and to increase options available to elders throughout the country.

One of the ways the Beverly Foundation hopes to promote this mission is through community outreach with its new map. Their STAR search surveys from 2000-2011 award funding to the best and brightest Supplemental Transportation Programs (STP) each year. With responses from about 1,400 STPs they acquired quite a list and now are sharing it with us. To find transportation options in your area check out the map on their website: here.

No one likes to think about the day when they’ll have to stop driving, but the truth is on average men will live for 6 years and women will live for 10 years with the inability to drive. Many will rely on family, friends and neighbors for support but being dependent on others for getting around is unappealing. Some elders say they don’t feel right asking people to take a day off from work. Others have little to no family or friends nearby. STPs offer an alternative and seniors can organize their own transportation so they don’t not feel reliant on others. And often these services are completely free unlike a taxi, bus, or train. Check out the map to find out if there’s one near you.